Finally a 3D-printed car!

An all-electric 3D-printed car revealed at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show.

CES 2015 – Best Of Drones

Check out the latest in drone technology – Update from CES 2015.

Innovative New Wearable At CES 2015

The Healbe GoBe is being showcased at the ongoing CES show, Las Vegas.  Also check out our stories on wearables: Five Google Glass Innovations That Will Make Our Lives Easier, Battleground Wearable Technology: Meet The Vibrating Smart Shoe, Gloves: The New Wearables

Stephen Hawking And The Intel Connected Wheelchair Project

Watch the Connected Wheelchair -Proof of the concept being built and listen to Stephen Hawking discuss impact of technology.

Behind The Scenes Of How The Tesla Model S Is Made

If founder Elon Musk is right, Tesla Motors just might reinvent the American auto industry—with specialized robots building slick electric cars in a factory straight from the future. That’s where the battery-powered Model S is born.

Disruptive Innovation Explained

Clay Christensen, Harvard Business School professor and the world’s most influential management guru according to the Thinkers50, lays out his landmark theory on Disruptive Innovation.

Diana Kander: Our Approach to Innovation Is Dead Wrong

In the past decade, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of business incubators, startup accelerators and entrepreneurial training programs. But Kander argues all of these programs share an enormous fatal flaw. Diana’s talk challenges our thinking about entrepreneurship and presents a new approach for startups and corporations alike.

Could This Be The Most Critical Innovation In Surgery?

Surgeons are required every day to puncture human skin before procedures — with the risk of damaging what’s on the other side. In a fascinating talk, find out how mechanical engineer Nikolai Begg is using physics to update an important medical device, called the trocar, and improve one of the most dangerous moments in many […]

Nirmalya Kumar: India’s Invisible Innovation

Nirmalaya Kumar, Professor, London School of Business, deliberates on India becoming a global hub for innovation instead of being a favored destination for backoffice/software services.

India: The Next Innovation Superpower

The Mahindra Rise Prize conducted its second Google Hangout today as part of its ‘World Class from India’’ Hangout Series. The Hangout answered the key question – What would it take to make India the next Innovation Superpower? The panelists included Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group, Chanda Kochhar, MD & CEO, ICICI Bank, Arun Maira, […]