Help Race Car Engineer With His Dream To Wire Indian Schools

Could discarded electric car batteries from the likes of Tesla and Reva change the fortunes of electricity-starved schools in India? Former race car engineer  Shiv Rajendran thinks so and has dedicated his life to making this a reality. Primary education in India is underfunded and there is a massive shortage of both teachers and infrastructure. It […]

It’s Not Just The Experts: Crowds Can Pick A Winner, Too

Crowdfunding has opened the virtual gates to capital for start-ups, developers and researchers in nearly all corners of life. But when pitted against a panel of experts in a field, can the crowd show the wisdom needed to pick a winning project? That’s the question that Wharton management professor Ethan Mollick and Harvard Business School […]

Kickstarter Crosses Major Milestone, Hits $1bn In Pledges

Crowd funding platform Kickstarter has hit a major milestone – it has surpassed $1 billion total pledges made since its inception. According to the company, more than half was pledged in the last twelve months alone. A total of 5,708,578 people have backed at least one Kickstarter project and they’ve come from 224 countries and […]