Where Are All The Women? The Changing Face Of Technology

In July, Twitter reported that only 10% of its tech jobs are held by women. This report joins a host of recent demographic disclosures by tech firms, from Google to Facebook, that together reveal a disproportionately white, male workforce. Now, a new book co-authored by entrepreneur-turned-academic Vivek Wadhwa, Innovating Women: The Changing Face of Technology, […]

Health Care Outcomes: When The More Effective Choice Costs More

In this response to a recent Knowledge@Wharton opinion piece about how physicians choosing to rely on experience over evidence leads to higher health care costs, Wharton health care management professor Mark Paulynotes that improved information may not lower spending, and that often the more expensive treatment is also the more effective one. He also emphasizes the […]

Has ‘Disruptive Innovation’ Run Its Course? Not Yet…

Economic theories emanating from business schools do not usually draw 6,000-word takedowns in the popular press. But then, few ideas have permeated society as thoroughly as the notion of disruptive innovation. The theory describes the way a new product or service transforms an existing market — and eventually replaces and redefines the status quo — […]

Disruptive Innovation Doesn’t Always Hurt Market Leaders — Sometimes, It Helps Them

Talk to any CEO about what haunts them the most and disruptive innovation will be at the top of the list. It is a logical fear: A company whose existence depends on established technologies could face extinction or loss of market leadership if a revolutionary innovation comes along. Just ask smartphone maker BlackBerry after Apple […]

It’s Not Just The Experts: Crowds Can Pick A Winner, Too

Crowdfunding has opened the virtual gates to capital for start-ups, developers and researchers in nearly all corners of life. But when pitted against a panel of experts in a field, can the crowd show the wisdom needed to pick a winning project? That’s the question that Wharton management professor Ethan Mollick and Harvard Business School […]

Christopher Schroeder: Witnessing The Middle East’s ‘Entrepreneurial Revolution’

When Yahoo acquired Arabic Internet portal Maktoob.com in 2009 for $165 million, expectations ran high among the Arab world’s tech entrepreneurs that the regional startup scene would be inundated with cash-rich suitors. Instead, the exit market seemed to dry up in the midst of the Arab uprisings. But this past March, Souq.com, promoted as the […]

‘Trying To Recapture The Magic’: The Strategy Behind The Pharma M&A Rush

More than $200 billion is at play in the current round of M&A activity in the pharmaceutical industry – a frenzy that includes 14 deals announced so far this year. This compares with 10 deals last year, according to a Wall Street Journal report based on data from S&P Capital IQ, a unit of McGraw […]

Corn Cobs And Generators: A Revolutionary Way To Light Up Haiti

In rural areas of Haiti, residents have trouble accessing cheap and reliable electricity. Limyè Pa w – founded by three social entrepreneurs – is trying to change that by setting up an electrical grid that uses discarded corn cobs as its fuel source. Ben Shell, one of the company’s co-founders, talks about the technology, the […]

How To Solve The Jobs Dilemma: Attract And Retain More Entrepreneurs

Despite an unemployment rate hovering at 6.7%, American businesses still struggle to fill jobs, with executives saying there’s a lack of innovative minds to lead new projects. But it seems the blame for this can be placed on the C-Suite, with leaders overlooking entrepreneurial-minded employees who are actively pitching the next big thing. Companies are […]

Apollo Hospitals’ Prathap Reddy: Preparing for Tomorrow’s Health Care Problems

Cardiologist Prathap C. Reddy started Apollo Hospitals with a 150-bed hospital in Chennai in 1983. Today, it is one of Asia’s largest health care groups with more than 10,000 beds across 55 hospitals and a host of health care services. For the 81-year-old Reddy, making quality health care affordable and accessible remains a focal point. […]