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takemehomeThe Book:
Following the success of her previous books, Rashmi Bansal, in her 6th book, reinforces her belief in the triumph of the will against all odds. Her inspiration comes from real stories of twenty entrepreneurs from rural or small towns in India. In the book, she explores the stories of thinkers who did not have much going for them in terms of financial aid or educational prowess, and yet faced challenges on the grassroots level to ultimately succeed in otherwise difficult sectors such as manufacturing and services.


It took three years to develop a rapport. Working in far-flung villages also brought practical problems. Without a phone, fax or Internet, how do you keep track of production? The solution came in the form of a wireless set which Nand Kishore spotted at an exhibition in Ahmedabad.

Our Favorite Quote:

I knew it was the frustration of his failure… I was doing good work and had support of the tribal community.

Recommended because:
Easy to read, Bansal’s stories are simply told, in her typical ‘hinglish’ style. The reader is likely to identify with the struggles of each of the 20 stories. Struggles such as getting work done from artisans, dealing with egos, building a rapport and similar such that every entrepreneur can relate to on a daily basis. The appealing stories stay with the reader and each one provides an apt reflection on the qualities and personality of the protagonists. Her message at the end of each story is very single pointed, that perseverance, dedication and hard work can overcome all odds.

What Others Have To Say:

Yatin Gupta (Reader)

Rashmi Bansal, as usual, has done a fantastic job with this book. As I always say, every young entrepreneur should read all her books as not only they inspire you at various levels, but they would also restore your faith in hardwork & honesty.

Amit Gupta(Reader)

Author has shared the real life experiences with full intensity and honesty. A must read for people who need some direction or energy to start something on their own.

Rashmi Bansal, has written Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, Connect the Dots, Follow every rainbow, Poor Little Rich Slum among others. She is also an entrepreneur.

Westland, 26 January 2014. Get it here.

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