Reading List – The Innovator’s Toolkit: 50+ Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Organic Growth

The Book:

David Silverstein, Philip Samuel and Neil DeCarlo in the The Innovator’s Toolkit, present a concise set of instructions for the ‘process of innovation’. The toolkit introduces a set of techniques that can engineer innovation, making it more systematic and predictable. Aimed at the sustainable growth of a company, the author’s seek to drive the mystery out of the exercise of creation and improvisation. Maps and charts guide the reader to catalog the genetic code of innovation. Describing innovation as ‘the act of generating more value for the customer and the business by fulfilling a Job to be Done (JTBD) better than anyone else’, the authors have developed an innovation model that integrates all the best thinking and practice.

“Growing an already sizeable company isn’t an easy feat, and it’s even more difficult to do on a sustainable basis. Two avenues exist: You can grow from the outside through mergers and acquisitions, or you can grow from the inside through organically engineered innovation. The problem is that both approaches tend to fall short of expectations, even when used in combination.”

Our Favorite Quote:

Sometimes it’s easier to make excuses than to admit your company just doesn’t get it.

Recommended Because:
Innovation seems to be an elusive process that most organisations wish to discover. The authors present methods and techniques for bringing about sustainable growth in a company with ‘The Innovator’s Toolkit’. In order to determine the laws of innovation, a scientific approach is applied to process of innovation. Termed as an incremental process, the toolkit turns innovation into a flawless operation with precise and measurable formulae.  The book is more of a reference guide that presents a journey from refining ideas to crafting specific solution.

What Others Have To Say:
“This book delivers the tools needed to unlock the creative potential of employees in any organization. It’s the missing link between making an organization great at what it does today (operational efficiencies) and also successful at what it will do tomorrow (revenue growth). Get ready to re-examine core assumptions about how you run your business.”

-John Biedry, Global Director of Lean Enterprise, Nike

“This is not just a book to read and ponder. It’s an enormously practical framework that my team and I use to execute day-to-day product management activities. I have become a Jobs to be Done evangelist!”
-Gabi Strijp, Executive Head of Business Mobility, Vodacom South Africa

“A business book that is also a practical guide! This book isn’t about new concepts; it’s about bringing innovation concepts together into one place and providing clear, concise, step-by-step mentoring. If you are serious about heading down the path of innovation, this book is a great reference.”
-F. Robert Salerno, President and Chief Operating Officer, Avis Budget Group, Inc.

About The Authors:
David Silverstein is founder/CEO of BMGI, an international firm specializing in innovation, performance improvement, and strategy. A highly regarded public speaker and executive coach, Silverstein has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Worth magazine, Investor’s Business Daily, ComputerWorld, Chief Learning Officer, Chief Executive,, and BusinessWeek.

Dr. Philip Samuel is Chief Innovation Officer of BMGI. A frequent public speaker and thought leader in the field of strategy and innovation, he has become a trusted adviser for executives in a variety of industries.

Neil DeCarlo is a veteran author, editor, and publishing coach whose work has ranged from Lean Six Sigma to innovation to corporate finance to strategy—partnering with such firms as BMGI, McKinsey & Company and many others.

Wiley, John & Sons (October, 2012). Get it here.

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