Innovations – CES 2015

Techno enthusiasts look forward to the Consumer Electronics Show every year. The event showcases ideas that could be the next big thing. Tech companies from across the globe also get an opportunity to showcase their new products. Starting off on 6th Jan, CES 2015 is already showing promise with new and innovative technologies. 

For auto lovers, there is a lot to look forward to. BMW i3’s special safety concept function promises a future where we won’t need to park our cars. The smartwatch-activated system, also known as the Remote Valet Parking Assistant, is equipped with an advanced collision avoidance system that prevents collisions while parking. The innovative system helps the driver make the right decision and in an emergency activates a range of network services that guide you to safety. 

Auto lovers will also like drone and headphone manufacturer Parrot’s new RNB6 in-dash car entertainment system, which promises to turn any car into a smart car. The unit, that can fit into most cars, features a 7-inch, 720p touchscreen with built-in support for Apple CarPlay and Siri Eyes Free as well as Android Auto and Android Auto Voice. The system boasts a number of internal specs and features including Bluetooth 4.0 and configurable 5GHz Wi-Fi, as well as rear ports for GPS, HDMI, microphone input, ethernet, onboard diagnostics and USB devices. The in-dash system features a built-in dash camera that allows you to capture videos and also offers lane assistance for safety. Other features include audio equaliser balance, gas mileage tracker  and fading driver diagnostics such as how you’re braking, accelerating etc. Here’s a video that demonstrates the product in detail: 

Speaking of auto products, Gogoro finally disclosed it’s much-awaited smartscooter with a battery swapping mechanism at CES 2015. Gogoro has been working on this product for the past 3 years in top secrecy.  Forming the stepping stone to a new energy-saving technology, this eco-friendly scooter ensures no pollution and lesser traffic situations. The scooter runs entirely on electric power and goes up to 62 miles on a single charge, at 60 mph. The next step would be installing hundreds of the gogoro battery stations to change how people use energy. Take a look at the futuristic smartscooter:

CES 2015 proves there is a lot to look forward to in wearable tech. Alcatel’s smartwatch runs on a proprietary OS and works with both IOS and android devices. The band has a hidden USB plug which can be used to charge the watch. The 1.22-inch display houses a number of easy to understand functions such as stopwatch, heart rate monitor among other fitness apps. The watch allows you to ping your phone incase you lose it. Similarly, Sony’s smartwatch 3 moves away from its previous rubbery band to the metal band that allows you to remove the center unit. The watch with built-in GPS stainless steel has a battery that lasts for 2 days.


Alcatel’s smartwatch

Televisions are super-thin with more curves and higher resolution – 4K. Samsung hopes to improve the viewing experience with its SUHD smart Tizen TVs. The new 88-inch models come with pre-installed Milk music and Milk video that can stream up to 360 videos daily.  The contrast performance of its SUHD TVs is better than that of current OLED TVs, claims Samsung. Sony’s 4X900 C Series 4K TV, with a width of  0.2 inches, runs on android and does away with a whole lot of gadgets. It is also compatible with Google Play, Google Cast, voice search, and the smartwatch.

Among other interesting products is Nikon’s entry-level DSLR with a responsive touchscreen that allows you to adjust your settings, tap to focus and take a pinch to zoom. We leave you with a video from the show that will have you wanting more tech: 

You can also catch the live coverage here.


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