Daily Digest August 1, 2014

TouchPico – Android Powered Pico Projector Puts A Touchscreen Anywhere (Android Authority)
Touch Pico is a pocket sized wireless projector that can project on any flat surface and can be operated with a touch pen.


These Sci-Fi Headphones Don’t Need A Phone, Know What You Want to Hear (Billboard)
Audiowings ‘smart headphones’ allows users to stream music through cloud, which the headphones communicate with via a 3G network or wi-fi.


Smart Tech For Air Passengers (The Times Of India)
Airlines can now offer their ultra tech-savvy passengers the chance to board their flight with a mere flick of their wrist and scan of their smartwatch.


Innovation: United We Stand, Divided We Fall (Huffington Post)
Kari Warberg Block, Founder, Earth-Kind, explain that just like farmers innovators also have barriers to overcome, but by working cooperatively and smartly, they can thrive and succeed.


Why A Toilet Alone Won’t Do The Job: The ‘Software’ Of Sanitation Innovation (Forbes)
Jessica Altenburger, Founder, X-runner Venture feels that hardware innovation alone can’t improve sanitation conditions without accompanying services for transporting and treating the waste.


Recognizing Your Type Of Innovation Leader (Paul 4 Innovating)

Paul Hobcraft, Author, Agility Innovation blog, advocates the need for recognizing the type of innovation leadership personality within organization, as it might help manage the innovation work a whole lot better.

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