Talk To The Hand: Rethinking The Sanitizer

It’s hard to believe that in the mid-nineteenth century, Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, a pioneering Hungarian physician, was sent to an asylum for his efforts to promote hand-washing as an important tool to prevent the spread of disease. In today’s day and age while nobody contests the fact that sanitizing hands is important, the reality is […]

The Innovation That Made Land Rover’s Evoque A Surprise Hit

Jaguar Land Rover, a cash-rich subsidiary of Tata Motors, has been a source of major financial relief for the Mumbai based company in recent years. JLR posted 16 percent growth in retail sales in the past year, highest in the luxury car segment globally. Demand for its new models, such as Range Rover Evoque, has […]

Can We Disrupt The Shipping Container To Save The Planet?

Introduction Innovation is sometimes considered the domain of a genius only. “Eureka” is certainly part of the phenomenon. Yet, systematic and proven approaches are available for the most diverse strategy and innovation challenges. In form of a short “journey”, this article demonstrates how structured thinking for innovation can facilitate formulating a “vision of the future” and […]

Meet Brazuca: Adidas’s Answer To Its 2010 World Cup Self Goal

As the countdown to 2014 FIFA World Cup nears, we take a look at the most constant thing throughout football history – the ball. The 2010 World Cup ball, Jabulani was heavily criticised for its unpredictability. Players compared it to a beach ball and felt that the ball made them look like drunken sailors. Adidas […]

Amul: A Taste Of Innovation

One of the biggest contributors to Amul’s success in the last 2 decades is the installation of the Automatic Milk Collection Unit Systems (AMCUS). Introduced in 1996, AMCUS has drastically reduced the process time for paying milkmen after milk collection to a matter of minutes from a week before that. In the early ‘90s when […]

Larry Page: The Disruptor At Google

Soon after taking charge of Google after a decade, Larry Page grew intolerant of ideas that were anything short of a moonshot and ordered his employees to work on solutions that would actually make a difference to millions. Incremental innovations are just not enough, big bets is what Page is after, says the Google website. […]

Inspired By A Music Box, Scientists Redesign The Chemistry Set

Manu Prakash, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford University and his student George Korir were recently declared winners of the  Science, Play, and Research Kit (SPARK) competition to “Redesign The Chemistry Set”. The duo won $50,000 for their working model of an inexpensive (less than $5) chemistry set that uses a hand-powered microfluidic chip to […]

6 Innovations That Make Us “Like” Whatsapp

It took Facebook all of $19 Billion, almost 10% of its market cap on the 20th of February, to finally bring Whatsapp under its hood. Not many understood why the largest social network in the world would want to splurge on an app but with 450 million users in just 4 years, it was clear […]

How The ‘Skunk Works’ Approach Rescued eBay

eBay Board member and Silicon Valley legend Marc Andreessen believes that founders of technology companies are the best innovators with their proven track record of bringing concepts to fruition, according to Nicholas Carlson writing in Business Insider. The CEO John Donahoe, while not a founder, has thus built a team of founders and ‘founder types’ […]