Help Race Car Engineer With His Dream To Wire Indian Schools

Could discarded electric car batteries from the likes of Tesla and Reva change the fortunes of electricity-starved schools in India? Former race car engineer  Shiv Rajendran thinks so and has dedicated his life to making this a reality. Primary education in India is underfunded and there is a massive shortage of both teachers and infrastructure. It […]

Daily Digest September 3, 2014

5 Indian firms among Forbes’ most innovative companies (Times Of India) Hindustan Unilever, TCS and Sun Pharma are in the top 100 with HUL recording an innovation premium of 54.7%. Software major Salesforce tops the list for the fourth year in a row.   Infosys proves going green is affordable with buildings experiment in India (The Guardian) […]

BMGI Presents Its Innovation Perspective On Product Cost At CII Manufacturing Innovation Conclave

Product Cost is gaining increasing importance and is a point of differentiation in the market, with customers demanding “More for Less”. With large external factors, beyond the control of organizations, organizations now need to focus on controlling internal costs that include manufacturing costs, quality costs etc. Typically 80% of the manufacturing cost of a product […]

Talk To The Hand: Rethinking The Sanitizer

It’s hard to believe that in the mid-nineteenth century, Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, a pioneering Hungarian physician, was sent to an asylum for his efforts to promote hand-washing as an important tool to prevent the spread of disease. In today’s day and age while nobody contests the fact that sanitizing hands is important, the reality is […]

The Culture of Jugaad: For and Against

The culture of quick-fix innovation could be obstructing India’s growth, say experts including Dr. Bhaskar Chakravorti of  Tuft’s University. During a panel discussion at the ongoing India Summit at Emory University, he differed with Navi Radjou, co-author of the recent bestseller Jugaad Innovation, saying that the ‘jugaad mentality’ was to blame for the lack of breakthrough innovations in […]

Battleground Wearable Technology: Meet The Vibrating Smart Shoe

Wearable technology is seen as the most promising trend in the gadget space by many geeks. Riding the wave alongside ‘smart lenses’ and the ‘smart bands’ is a ‘smart shoe’ from India. Jumping on the wearable tech bandwagon, Lechal – the world’s first interactive haptic footwear brand  – has launched a bluetooth-enabled shoe and insole […]

Daily Digest August 2, 2014

Innovation For Manual Labour: Award-Winning Design (Gizmodo) Vikram Dinubhai Panchal of NID Ahmedabad has made “Load Carrier for Labour” to improve the working condition of labourers and workers. It can used to lift and shift kilos of weights by workers in three different ways, such as above the head, at the back and as a trolley. […]

Daily Digest August 1, 2014

TouchPico – Android Powered Pico Projector Puts A Touchscreen Anywhere (Android Authority) Touch Pico is a pocket sized wireless projector that can project on any flat surface and can be operated with a touch pen.   These Sci-Fi Headphones Don’t Need A Phone, Know What You Want to Hear (Billboard) Audiowings ‘smart headphones’ allows users to […]

Daily Digest July 31,2014

Vishal Sikka Says Infosys To Focus On Innovation, New Solutions (The Economic Times) Infosys’ new CEO, Vishal Sikka, said his strategy to turn around India’s second largest IT exporter would revolve around bringing in innovation and building new solutions to meet customer needs.   Government Proposes To Install Hi-Tech Doppler Weather Radars In Sensitive Himalayan Region (India […]

Farmbots: The Future Of Farming

Agricultural robots or ‘farmbots’ are robots that automate agricultural processes such as harvesting, fruit picking, spraying chemicals, removing weed and herding cattle. Compared to the manufacturing industries commercial agriculture has been slow to adopt robotics, but not because of a lack of motivation to do so. It’s just a lot harder to build safe, reliable […]