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Tech Mahindra Sets Up Growth Factories To Push Innovative Technologies (Economic Times)

The group has recently formed a unit, Global Strategy & Growth Factories, to push newer technologies and engagement with startups.


IIT Delhi Alumnus Starts INVOXEL To Innovate Around Smart Interaction (Yourstory.com)

Invoxel offers an interactive solution where multiple users can work simultaneously on smart surface table for intuitive interaction, allowing them to ideate together.


University Of Surrey Claims 1Tbps Speed Via 5G Mobile Technology Test (ISP Review)

Researchers at the University have achieved a staggering transfer speed of 1Tbps (Terabit per second), or 1,000,000Mbps (Megabits), which is far in advance of the 5G solutions of 10Gbps to 50Gbps (Gigabits per second).


Smart Thermometer Wishbone Makes Taking Your Baby’s Temperature Easier (Tech Crunch)

Wishbone plugs into an Android or iOS smartphone’s headphone jack and uses an infrared sensor to detect the temperature in about two seconds.


Tissue Engineering: Scientists Grow Leg Muscle From Cells In A Dish (Science Daily)

Scientists have generated mature, functional skeletal muscles from engineered cells cultured in a dish paving the way for patient-specific treatments for muscle disorders.



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